"The closest, most comfortable shave ever. Smooth skin afterwards and no razor burn."

- John K.


Brushless And Formulated For All Razors & Skin Types 



The only shave cream packed with 4x’s more skin healing oils & butters that promote skin repair throughout the entire shaving process; while delivering optimal skin restorative benefits needed for the skin to handle the next day’s shave. Perfect for all skin types and sensitivities.

*VOTED: Best Shave Cream - by Men's Health Magazine

  • Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter - Deep Hydration & Skin Rejuvenation
  • Lemon Peel Oil & Geranium Oil - Evens Skin Tone  
  • Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil - Skin Calming
  • Safflower, Sweet Almond & Lavender Oil - Safer For Sensitive Skin

*Hypoallergenic, Sulfate, Paraben & Alcohol-Free



Using warm water, lather up a small amount of shave cream with a brush or your fingers and shave with the grain. For a closer shave, re-lather and shave across the grain. For areas that are slightly more challenging to get close, consider spot shaving across the grain. Rinse with cold water and apply a lightly scented aftershave balm.

*The closest and most comfortable shave starts with the proper prep. So for best results always use warm water and clean your face with a face wash prior to shaving.


Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

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Best in class!

This shaving cream is the best cream I ever used! It was recommended by Mass General Dermatology as an anecdotal inquiry and lives up to its standards. The shaves are smooth as glass!! Thanks Craig!


Thank you do much for this amazing review! It is also so great to hear that a dermatology department is also recommending my Moisturizing Shave Cream. This was precisely the goal. To develop products that made a positive difference in the way the skin appears and feels. This is wonderful news!

Warm Regards & Happy Shaving,
Craig the Barber

Peter P.
I finally found it, I can rest now. ;-)

Praise to the Badger god! After hitting up every review site and message board and trying out a ton of different creams when I transitioned to bowl-and-brush shaving a few years ago, I can finally stop looking.

This is by far the best shaving cream I've ever used. It has the perfect ingredients if you're looking to take care of your skin, and it gets an awesome lather going. It's fantastic for my overly sensitive neck, when I use it I feel like I'm wearing cool, silky armor.

Extra credit for it having juuust the right amount of fragrance!

Hi Peter,

Your review is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. It really means a lot!

Warm Regards & Happy Shaving,
Craig the Barber

Kenneth Golluscio
Hate shaving

I hate shaving. I have tried every shave cream, gel, oil, you name it. This is by far the best I have ever used.

Brad Whitman
Relief for neck razor burn

I get some razor burn on my neck and chin and the moisturizing cream does a great job of moisturizing my skin and makes shaving those areas much easier with less irritation.

Stevan Miller
The only shaving cream I'll ever use

Great for sensitive skin. I won't use any other shaving cream. Get the monthly subscription, and you'll never run out.