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Kyle's Testimonial

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It's honestly the best shave I've ever had. It feels more comfortable when I shave, the razor glides more easily, and I don't have any irritation when I'm done. (I have with many other products I've tried -- even the "high end" ones). I like the mild scent a lot, my wife even commented on it. I use a Gillette Fusion razor and I noticed that I feel like I can use my blades longer, which is nice considering how expensive they are to replace. Highly recommend. 


Although the shave cream market is getting crowded, Burke Avenue deserves a place on your shelf. Very moisturizing, lightly scented, and excellent cushion and glide. Produces a thick, luxurious lather almost effortlessly; a real treat, especially for the looming cold weather months!   


I've been using the Moisturizing Shaving Cream to shave my underarms and legs. It's the BEST! The hyperpigmentation on my underarms is lightening up quickly! The organic ingredients really make a difference. They leave the skin feeling smooth and prevents irritation. I recommend this Cream for Men and women.  


I am writing this review from a professional barber's vantage point. This shave cream is fantastic! For starters, it has great texture and smells amazing. It provides great slip or glide for the shave and it truly does hydrate so well! What I love even more is that there are so many natural ingredients in it, and essential ones at that. This product was very intentionally thought out & developed and that is evident. I can trust and feel good about what I am putting onto my clients' skin, and this is very important to me. This is even great for my sensitive skin clients. They always remark that their skin feels great after the shave and they don't experience irritation in the hours or days that follow. 

Jen (Professional Barber)