Craig emigrated to the U.S.A. from the island of Jamaica when he was 4yrs old. His parents left behind their careers, their family, and the only country they knew to pursue a better life for their three young children. They chose to start this new life in the Bronx, New York.

For his parents, the “city of lights” instilled a work ethic of passion and hustle, while the culture of the city showed them endless possibilities. It wasn’t easy, but their drive and uncompromising vision for something better pushed their family forward. It was a life-shaping decision that unfolded on the first street Craig and his family lived on; Burke Avenue.

Years later, Craig chose a similar path of leaving his career behind and moving his young family to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his passion for barbering. With the same uncompromising vision of his parents, he committed himself to not only offer cutting edge services, but also create grooming products that deliver above and beyond the current standards. Because wherever there is room for improvement, we should always demand better!

 The Origin Story of Burke Avenue 


 Burke Avenue Bundle