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Shaving When You Have Sensitive Skin

Many of my clients tell me (before I shave them) that they have sensitive skin. The first thing I ask is if their skin reacts to certain products that are applied to their skin. If their answer is yes, then I keep this in mind with the products I use during the shave. But, 9 times out of 10, they answer is no, that the irritation occurs after they shave themselves.

So what should you do?

The most important recommendation I pass on to them is to keep the skin hydrated! Sure, we must remember to maximize the moisture on our skin when shaving, but during the day and night the skin

How To Treat Ingrown Hairs For Good! - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

How To Treat Ingrown Hairs For Good!

Chances are that if you shave you have experienced an ingrown hair. Men and women alike suffer from them and we all know they are not fun, not to mention unsightly AND painful. I've seen men in my chair who are afraid to shave for fear of the ingrowns! Today that worrying STOPS… Because I've got the ultimate guide to ingrown hairs for you: what are ingrown hairs, why we get them and most importantly, how to treat and prevent them from coming back.

Ingrown hairs are the result of the hair growing back into the skin. Why do so many men (and women) suffer with this?

Let me help shed some light on this.  But first, I need to establish that knowing the correct way to shave is the #1 step to reducing ingrown hairs.

So let's begin.

Two things you MUST stop doing!

How To Stop A Shaving Nick In Under A Minute! - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

How To Stop A Shaving Nick In Under A Minute!

Guys let's face it, shaving nicks are the worst! No one likes them and they take away tons of time when you're trying to head out the door, So here's a trick I use whenever i'm in this very bad situation.

 Items needed: Cube of ice (1); alum block / or stick; styptic powder

  • Step 1: Apply the ice cube to the nicked area for at least 15 seconds. (This slows down the bleeding.)
October 09, 2017 by Craig the Barber