Winter-Ready Grooming:  Elevate Your Routine for the Chill

Winter-Ready Grooming: Elevate Your Routine for the Chill

Our bodies each have unique reactions to colder temperatures, and being unprepared can sometimes lead to unintended damage.

Here's a top tip: As the weather cools, so does your body. One of the best ways to prepare your skin for this drop in temperature—particularly your scalp—is to..
What to look for in a Multi-Blade Razor

What To Look For In A Multi-Blade Razor

One of the joys of my work is the opportunity to engage with so many of you and provide grooming guidance. A question I frequently encounter is: “How can I get a better shave?” Considering our beards often cover half our faces, it's crucial to get this right. 
August 12, 2023 by Craig the Barber
Why Your Face Deserves More Than Body Lotion

Why Your Face Deserves More Than Body Lotion

While it may seem convenient to use the same lotion for both your face and body, trust me, it's a skincare no-no! Let me explain why.
Burke Avenue Shave cream for sensitive skin

Winning the Shaving Battle with Sensitive Skin

So here are few quick tips for shaving if you’ve ever suffered from irritation before or after your shave:

Prepare The Skin:

Before you pick up a razor, prepare your skin and hair to ensure a smooth, irritation-free shave. Use warm water to dampen skin as it helps raise and soften the hairs so they’re more pliable and easier to remove. If you try to shave

The 3 Elements Of A Great Face Moisturizer

The 3 Elements Of A Great Face Moisturizer

Dry skin can wreak havoc on your appearance, and when combined with the aggressive nature of razors, electric shavers, or beard trimmers, it can result in heightened skin sensitivity and shaving irritation.

Although there are many causes of dry skin, such as genetics, dry climates...

How To Stop Ingrown Hairs From Coming Back

How To Stop Ingrown Hairs From Coming Back

How many times have you noticed an ingrown hair “re-appearing” in the same place you pulled the hair out just a few weeks ago? Well, believe it or not it’s because you’re actually “pulling the hair out”. Ok, let me explain.
Cold Water Tap

Freshen Up: Grooming Secrets of Cold Water

Ever taken a cold shower and noticed the difference in the way your skin feels vs. when you take a warm one?  What about after you shave…does your face feel better after a splash of cold water? Or, have you ever hopped out of  a warm shower and struggled to get your hairstyle just right?

Well, here is the secret.  Cold Water. ...

January 16, 2023 by Craig the Barber
Man shaving with Burke Avenue's Moisturizing Shave Cream

Winter Shaving 101: How to Avoid Dry Skin and Irritation

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin especially if you're someone who shaves frequently. Already more susceptible to being dry, sensitive and irritated, a freshly shaved face is no-match for what these cold months can bring. Unless, of course, you come prepared to fight a battle your face can truly win.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips to make sure your face remains healthy-looking in appearance all winter as it does in the spring!

Shave at night: Our skin...

It's All About You!

It's All About You!

This year will be better. And, if we take the small steps we need to take, we will look good and feel great along the way. Here are three great grooming tips that will get you off to a great start...
January 01, 2023 by Craig the Barber
Craig the Barber Tweet about not using the ingredient alcohol on the skin.

Alcohol as a drink. But, definitely not on your face.

Did you know that hikers apply rubbing alcohol to their feet and guitar players to their fingers, to harden their skin? What a great idea if it makes hiking and guitar playing easier!

I’m not convinced; however, that the benefits have the same value when applied to the face. Sure, as a last resort it can disinfect a cut, but there are so many less painful options… right?

Effects of alcohol on the face can include:

    • Painful burning
    • Darkened skin
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