Craig the Barber Tweet about not using the ingredient alcohol on the skin.

Alcohol as a drink. But, definitely not on your face.

Did you know that hikers apply rubbing alcohol to their feet and guitar players to their fingers, to harden their skin? What a great idea if it makes hiking and guitar playing easier!

I’m not convinced; however, that the benefits have the same value when applied to the face. Sure, as a last resort it can disinfect a cut, but there are so many less painful options… right?

Effects of alcohol on the face can include:

    • Painful burning
    • Darkened skin
Is A Man's Skin Different From A Woman's? - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

Is A Man's Skin Different From A Woman's?

"Men's products, women's products...Is our skin really that different?"

I am asked this question all the time... and for good reason! One of the many reasons why men use their girlfriend's or wife's grooming products is simply because it's easily accessible!

Hey, why go shopping when you can just shop through her products? Besides if it's good enough for her, it should work for you... right?