Does Shaving Make Your Skin Darker? - Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber

A good shave can reveal a lot. A clean face, the shape of your jaw… and for some darkened skin. If you have noticed darker skin on your face from shaving it isn't just the lighting… it is indeed a "real thing" that may actually be happening to you!

Let's start with WHY it's happening:

The aggressive nature of shaving, whether it's with a razor or an electric shaver, can cause skin discoloration. The rubbing or scraping action of the blades can cause minor cuts to the skin, causing "hyper-pigmentation", which is the skin's way of replacing color to the damaged area.

Here are 3 helpful tips to rid your face of frustrating skin darkening from shaving:


  • For Razor/Wet-shaving -  Always make sure that your face is properly moistened by first washing your face with warm water and then maximizing this moisture with a moisture heavy shave cream that is also formulated to protect the skin from the sharp blade of the razor. 
  • For Electric Shavers - Shave in the morning when your face and beard is generally the most dry; and before washing your face. This will optimize the cutting ability of your electric shaver for a much closer shave. **For an added bonus, consider applying an electric shave solution to your face prior to shaving. These products can create a smoother glide for your shaver.  

AVOID SHAVING AGAINST-THE-GRAIN (for razor/wet-shaving) - This practice can not only cause irritation, but in some cases nicks to the skin, which result in the hair being pulled and snagged instead of cut.

AVOID USING PRODUCTS THAT CONTAINS ALCOHOL - Alcohol can dry, harden and even darken the skin. Stick with aftershave balms that do not contain the ingredient alcohol. 

EXFOLIATE - The practice of exfoliating the skin at the most 2-3x's per week allows for the removal of dead skin cells in order for the younger skin cells to reach the surface and mature. In time this practice can aid in skin-tone re-balancing. 


    *Hyper-pigmentation, has been a personal struggle for me as well as for many of my readers and clients. So, I made sure to tackle this issue as one of the concerns the Moisturizing Shave Cream addresses. Being the first shave cream to do so by adding the natural ingredient benefits of - Avocado, Lemon Peel & Geranium Oil



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