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A close, comfortable, and irritation free shave isn't a quick process; and if you can stretch out the time between each shave it is a major face saving bonus. So, here are a few pros and cons to shaving in the morning vs. the evening. After you have a read, try out each option to see which time works best! 




  • Shadow Fighting - Some beards can be both darker and tougher, so a morning shave can help to prolong the dreaded  5 o'clock shadow.
  • Rise & Shine - we all have our ways of waking up in the morning.  For some, the step-by-step approach to shaving: Prep, Shave & Refresh can help do the trick.


Nicks/Irritation - Getting out of the door in the morning, can at times be a "mad dash". So, having this type of a routine in the morning, may do your face more harm than good.




  • Slow & Steady - An evening shave can provide more time to getting a closer and "cleaner looking" shave.
  • The Healing Effect - While we sleep, our bodies including our skin, regroup and heal.  For this reason, newly shaved skin has the opportunity to heal itself before the morning grind.


The tough beard - If your beard is dark and very heavy, another shave may be necessary in the morning.





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