New Year, New You!

Now that all the New Year's Resolutions 'hoopla' has passed, I now feel it's safe to offer up a few suggestions that won't get passed over as an assumed new diet or workout routine. So here's a shortlist of what I think you all should try in 2020!


1. Get a barber shave--


Craig the Barber shaving


Hey, women pamper themselves ALL THE TIMESo what's wrong with you doing the same? A barber shave is the last pampering experience you can enjoy without feeling like you have to tell your friends you have a "doctor's appointment".  You lay down, get a little shut-eye and you wake up clean shaven. Can't beat that!


*Oh, and P.S., make sure that your barber is only using the most helpful products for your skin like- Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber (*wink).



2. Buy a DE shave set--

Shaving Set

Take some time and add up all the $money$ you spent on cartridge razors last year, and you'll realize that could've afforded an amazing shaving set, maybe two! Ditch the cartridge blades, and get a better shaving experience for HALF the price!



3. Get a better haircut--



Yes, it's time to invest in YOURSELF! There are way too many guys walking around with crooked necklines, and un-blended fades. Stop a guy who has a great haircut and ask him who cuts his hair. Or better yet, search or Google for a recommendation. Trust me, it's worth your time and you'll feel  even more confident!





January 01, 2020 by Craig the Barber