Is sheltering in place wreaking havoc on your skin?

Is sheltering in place wreaking havoc on your skin?

Home-schooling, working from home and sheltering-in-place…

All of these scenarios are leading to many more of us struggling to keep our skin from feeling and looking dry. With the bulk of our activities being done in cooler places, our skin’s normal perspiration practice (which naturally moisturizes our skin) become less important. The long term effects of this can quickly make your skin appear older, shaving more painful and if not consistently used, your moisturizer less effective.  

Here are a few suggestions that can help! .

New Year, New You!

Now that all the New Year's Resolutions 'hoopla' has passed, I now feel it's safe to offer up a few suggestions that won't get passed over as an assumed new diet or workout routine. So here's a shortlist of what I think you all should try in 2020!


1. Get a barber shave--


Craig the Barber shaving


Hey, women pamper themselves ALL THE TIMESo what's wrong with you doing the same? A barber shave is the last pampering experience you can enjoy without feeling like you have to tell your friends you have a "doctor's appointment".  You lay down, get a little shut-eye and you wake up clean shaven. Can't beat that!


*Oh, and P.S., make sure that your barber is only using the most helpful products for your skin like- Burke Avenue by Craig the Barber (*wink).



2. Buy a DE shave set--

Shaving Set

Take some time and add up all the $money$ you spent on cartridge razors last year, and you'll realize that could've afforded an amazing shaving set, maybe two! Ditch the cartridge blades, and get a better shaving experience for HALF the price!



3. Get a better haircut--



Yes, it's time to invest in YOURSELF! There are way too many guys walking around with crooked necklines, and un-blended fades. Stop a guy who has a great haircut and ask him who cuts his hair. Or better yet, search or Google for a recommendation. Trust me, it's worth your time and you'll feel  even more confident!





January 01, 2020 by Craig the Barber
Post Shave:  Never (Ever) Skip This Step

Post Shave: Never (Ever) Skip This Step

Here's why! It's an important step to keeping your face looking good and feeling great. It ranks just as high as shaving with a shave creamand you know how important that is, right?
After-shave/post-shave products can be found in...
The 5 Fundamental Keys To Getting A Perfect Shave

The 5 Fundamental Keys To Getting A Perfect Shave

Mastering these 5 Key Concepts will insure that you will never have a bad shave again.



Water temperature and moisture is key to getting a great shave. Warm water softens the beard and skin allowing the razor blade to do its job better. The moisture produced is what is needed to make your shaving products work to their maximum potential.


Everyone’s skin reacts to shaving differently. Knowing how ...

How Many Shaves Can One Razor Give Me?

How Many Shaves Can One Razor Give Me?

With the convenience of subscriptions and personal delivery services like Post Mates, the excuses for not replacing razor blades for new ones have become few and far between. But, there’s one excuse that still gets used quite often— not knowing how many shaves are too many for one razor....

I think it’s safe to say that over 75% - 80% of 

March 07, 2019 by Craig the Barber
Cold Water Tap

The Cold Water Secret

Ever taken a cold shower and noticed the difference in the way your skin feels vs. when you take a warm one?  What about after you shave…does your face feel better after a splash of cold water? Or, have you ever hopped out of  a warm shower and struggled to get your hairstyle just right?

Well, here is the secret.  Cold Water. ...

January 29, 2019 by Craig the Barber
5 Ways To Shave A Tough Beard

5 Ways To Shave A Tough Beard

I’ve been asked to answer two questions… (1) How does someone determine if they have a tough beard? and (2) How do guys with tough beards get a more comfortable shave?

So let’s start by first identifying if you have a tough beard.

Here are a few of the signs:

  • You have an afternoon shadow, not a 5 o’clock one.
  • You cannot seem to get you beard moist enough to shave.
  • It feels like you are “tug” shaving instead of “wet” shaving.
  • Your blade dulls after one shave…a bit pricey huh?

Do any of  these describe your beard?

So, how can you enjoy the shaving experience like the guys on the Gillette commercials? ...

Itchy Beard? Not A Problem.

Itchy Beard? Not A Problem.

A new beard doesn't come without a price… All you beard growers know what I'm talking about: the new beard itch!

How many of you remember those long days of trying to ignore how itchy your face felt in the beginning? Well, it's safe to say that if you want to grow a beard you'll get this itch, at some point.

Shave Like A Barber

Shave Like A Barber

How many times have you left your barber and wondered how you could go home and duplicate the results you get from the barbershop?  Well… maybe not the overall experience itself, which is pretty fantastic if I do say so myself, but a similar shave to what you get from your barber? One of the key benefits ...
Shave Where It Matters

Shave Where It Matters

You know, there has been more than a few times that I've had guys in my barber chair that have complained about shaving irritation in areas where they have no hair... upper cheeks, behind the earlobe, and sometimes two or maybe three inches below the Adam's apple. With this interesting observation I have come to the realization that many men are not only in a hurry when shaving, but are also focusing on removing all evidence of shave cream - and that isn't always a good idea. Now don't get 
April 23, 2018 by Craig the Barber